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The Rabbit

In the Moon


Many years ago, the Old Man of the Moon decided to visit the Earth. He disguised himself as a beggar and asked Fox (Kitsune), Monkey (Saru), and Rabbit (Usagi) for some food.

Monkey climbed a tree and brought him some fruit. Fox went to a stream, caught a fish, and brought it back to him. But Rabbit had nothing to offer him but some grass. So he asked the beggar to build a fire. After the beggar started the fire, Rabbit jumped into it and offered himself as a meal for the beggar to eat.

Quickly the beggar changed back into the Old Man of the Moon and pulled Rabbit from the fire. He said “You are most kind, Rabbit, but don’t do anything to harm yourself. Since you were the kindest of all to me, I’ll take you back to the moon to live with me.”

The Old Man carried Rabbit in his arms back to the moon and he is still there to this very day exactly where the Old Man left him. Just look at the moon in the night sky and the rabbit is there!


House Rules



Please respect the HOUSE RULES 

Membership card = 1+3
       Black card = 1+1

No admittance once full.

Please speak-easy!

Dress like an adult!

No baseball caps, no hoodies, no shorts.

Behave like an adult!

No yelling, no screaming, no shouting, no fighting.

No cell phone use / No photography.

Enjoy Yourself and let others drink in peace!

Smoking on the street.


Respect the piano and the pianist!

Respect the Rabbit and respect Yourself!

Do not feed the rabbits!

Book a table


a table

To book a table call us on +3616147105, or you can reserve via email: 1919@rabbit.bar



Somewhere in Budapest


Somewhere in Budapest...

Any questions?

Any questions?