How to get in & Rules

How to get in & Rules

The way to join us and the rules of our membership system


Her Majesty the Rabbit

Her Majesty the Rabbit is a local piano bar, based on a membership system, hidden somewhere in Budapest, in the heart of the 7th district…

Black Card/Invitation Card

As the owner of the Black Card you have the opportunity to have a closer look at Her Majesty the Rabbit bar.  You can apply for the Black Card at the bottom of this page.

Becoming a Member

To gain unlimited access to Her Majesty the Rabbit you must first become a member. All members must sign the contract of membership and are committed to respecting the charter and adhering to the House Rules. All new membership applications will be reviewed by the management team and we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone we deem unsuitable for our venue. Membership can be applied for in each of the following ways;

  • Introduce yourself the old fashioned way and visit us in person at the venue, if you can find us..
  • Written recommendation to the management from two existing members with their signature

Members will be exclusively informed about our planned nights, workshops and special events.

For more information about joining the Rabbit, please contact us.

Payment of Annual Subscription

Once your membership application has been approved, payment of the annual subscription fee must be made before receiving your membership card and unreserved access to the venue. Payment may be made directly at the Rabbit by cash or credit card.

Upon expiry, membership does not automatically renew. However, all members will be notified in advance when their subscription is close to expiry. You can then contact us to arrange a renewal.

In case of cancellation, the membership subscription fee is non-refundable.

Access to the Rabbit 

Access to the Rabbit from 8:00pm is reserved exclusively for our members and their guests, or by prior invitation. To enter to the Rabbit you must be over 21 years old.

Members can be accompanied by up to three guests in the venue per night. Members guests are subject to the same obligations as members and undertake in particular to comply with the house rules. The member takes responsibility for his/her guests actions.

The Rabbit reserves the right refuse admission to members guests when their reputation and/or behaviour is notoriously incompatible with the spirit of the venue.

Members may reserve the Rabbit for private meeting outside of opening hours.

Invitation Access

In certain cases, one of our existing members or team will offer an exclusive invitation to people who we believe would enjoy our venue and are a good match to our membership criteria. If you receive this invitation, you and an additional guest of your choice can take a part in the journey on one occasion and visit the Rabbit at any time during the opening hours.

Group Bookings

Only members can make a group booking and must be present for invited guests to enter.

In the event of the member being late and he/she notifies us in advance, the other guests may still enter and enjoy the venue whilst waiting for the member to arrive.

In the event of a member being late or absent without notifying us, the first instance will result in a personal discussion with the management and a written warning. The second instance will result in termination of membership.

The booking number is for a maximum of four people – one member and three guests.

It may be possible to make a larger group booking by prior request to the Rabbit. With a group fee applicable depending on the number of guests, this fee will be redeemable as drinkable credit at the bar for you and your group and will calculated as follows;

  • Group of 5 and above: 5000.- Ft/person

Additional Information

It is strictly forbidden to take photos or videos inside the Rabbit without prior written authorisation from the management.

In the event of a member losing their membership card, he/she must notify the Rabbit as soon as possible in order to obtain a replacement. The first replacement is free, after which each replacement shall be charged.

Members cannot give their membership card to somebody else for them to use.

Apply for Black Card/Invitation Card

In the event of enjoying the Rabbit as an invited guest, the following personal information will be registered into the Rabbit’s system;

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Contact Person